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Good lessons from an unexpected source...Tiktok :)

  God does work in mysterious ways.  He speaks to us even in Tiktok. And this is what my fave friars will be talking about below.  Enjoy.  

A must see film this 2023: Sound of Freedom


When there is danger or any life threatening event, it doesn't matter who brought the news, even if it's someone you really dislike, that same event exists and that it should be dealt with properly.

I think this is the case with this movie.  The mainstream media is portraying it to be a movie with a "right-wing" agenda.  True or not, it still reminds everyone that child sex trafficking is still there and that we should be acting against it anyway we can.  The least we can do is make people aware of it so that everyone will place extra measures to safeguard their children any way they are able to.

NOTE: Video clip c/o IGN Movie Trailers in Youtube.

Also, it is a very good movie.  You don't see it often in Rotten Tomatoes but this is one of those rare times that critics and audience score are quite high.  It is currently raking in the box office beating heavyweights like Indiana Jones, The Dial of Destiny despite it being shown in 50% less theatres.  This stars Jim Caviezel is based on true to life story of Tim Ballard.

So whether you are a person of faith or not, I think you care about your kids. God forbid, if this happens to someone you know or yourself personally.  Child sex trafficking is there and is one big organized crime.  Who are the people benefiting from it? Who are the customers?

So I end this, with a familiar saying by Edmund Burke,

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."


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