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Good lessons from an unexpected source...Tiktok :)

  God does work in mysterious ways.  He speaks to us even in Tiktok. And this is what my fave friars will be talking about below.  Enjoy.  

When God says no....

  In this very short review video by Durbania, I am reminded of my shortcomings where I felt disappointed that God didn't seem to be listening and answering my prayer.  So I am not really surprised that whenever I remember this scene in its entirety, my eyes become teary almost everytime. Jesse has been a cripple since he was a young boy.  He has a brother whom he dearly loved but left him to join the Zealots movement.  Feeling abandoned and wanting to walk again, he goes to this pool in Bathezda where people believe that has healing powers if you can get there in time when it starts to bubble.   Jesus one day came to the pool and approached him and asked him, "Do you want to be healed?".  At this point and for so many years, he was so fixated to just getting first to the pool, that he asked Jesus instead, "Will you take me to the pool?" And Jesus' answer was a heartbreaking no.  Jesus wasn't doing this to be cruel but just to point out to Jesse that the

The sad state of junior basketball in NSW

    Basketball is growing in popularity here in Sydney and I've observed that there is an increase in number of boys (and girls) trying out for representative playing spots across all associations well at least it looked that way for the 3-4 associations that I know about. January has started and most associations have finished their tryouts for the 2022 Waratah Junior and Senior season.  The final rosters are now being published in social media to the delight of those that have secured spots but relatively opposite to those that didn't secure them. Well, of course, ideally the expectation of most is that representative basketball is for the most talented basketball kids but sadly it is not always the case. Sadly, even in first world countries, politics and economics still plays a significant role in tainting everything even in the world of junior basketball.  I hear that its not just basketball but also other junior sports like soccer, rugby, netball, etc. Yes, you heard me ri