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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: A Pathway to Divine Fulfillment

The concept of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, as outlined in the New Testament, is a profound testament to the intricate and transcendent relationship between humanity and the divine. These gifts are not merely symbolic tokens; they are transformative powers that enable individuals to transcend their ordinary limitations and align themselves with a higher purpose. To truly grasp the magnitude of these gifts, one must delve into their biblical foundations and understand their psychological and spiritual implications. In 1 Corinthians 12:7-11, the Apostle Paul provides a detailed enumeration of these gifts: “To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. To one is given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom, and to another the utterance of knowledge according to the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another the ability to distinguish betwee

Heaven and Earth: A different perspective

  I kind of find his perspective interesting.  The idea of thinking about the reward of eternal life or of avoiding eternity in Hell a little bit of a self-centered and selfish motivation to know God.  I agree with him that the Bible is actually a story about how God intervened into human history in an attempt to reunite with his creations. I will try  to read more about this but I honestly think he has a point about reuniting heaven and earth where God eventually conquers evil and takes full control.  But for me, since the soul is eternal, when heaven and earth unite and your soul isn't right yet by then, wouldn't you be also kicked out along with hell???   What do you think?  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fuel your day with hope. Optimize your day with loved ones and with God.   Click here please .

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Maybe it's time to pray and maybe it's time to believe in God

  With the new delta strain of Covid-19 causing havoc and spreading faster than its predecessors, I couldn't help but think that this may be a losing battle for humanity.  The way it's behaving, it seems that we won't be able to create a vaccine before it can generate another variant that is partially not affected by the vaccine.  Lockdowns which are meant to slow the spread of the virus are causing damage to the economy and to people's mental health. In situations where I think the situation becomes almost insurmountable and unbearable, I think it helps to pray to God.  Pray to God for strength and for guidance.  Pray to God for possible healing.   When science is rendered helpless sometimes miracles take over if God wills it. I guess we should put ourselves in the shoes of the leper who approached Jesus Christ and asked for his healing. "Please. Please. Don't turn away from me.", he said. "If you are willing, you will be able to make me clean again

The sea and the water containers

A young boy was watching the televsion one day.  He was obviously flabbergasted and a bit disturbed with what he saw, so he decided to look around the house to look for either his mum or dad to ask about what he saw. While he was on the way to the garage,he saw his mum near dining table reading an electronics enthusiasts magazine. He approached his mother and asked, "Hi Mum, can I ask you something about what I saw in television?".  His Mum, a bit concerned, said, "Yes dear,why not? Tell mum what bothers you." So he told his mum about the television show and after hearing this his mum smiled.  "Come with me son.", she said.   "Where to mum?", the boy asked.  "We are going to take a walk in the beach. Take a few different containers with you." The boy, a bit disappointed, said, "But mum, you didn't answer any of my questions."  His mum smiled and said, "Well kiddo,we will get to that part but for now do as I ask

The Chosen introduces us to the Jesus we can all relate

  There has never been a movie or TV series that has made me cry so many times except for the independent movie series called the Chosen. It is the story of those people that Jesus Christ chose to follow him during his time on Earth. It also features Jesus' story and shows His full humanity and full divinity as well.   I think even non-believers would find this series well made and very interesting. If some people find the likes of Lucifer and Loki series interesting, I think they'd be more interested on a person who is opposite both these characters. Unlike any past Jesus movies, this series shows his human side and it shows him as a revolutionary who questions how the laws of God were ridiculously implemented, dances on parties, jokes with friends and like almost every man, has strong connection with his mother.   As of this writing, season 2 had just finished. Both seasons have 8 episodes each. I am among so many others that are eager for the next season. I sincerely pra

A lot to thank for

  As I held my head up high looking at the heavens, eyes closed, reciting the Our Father, I find myself not asking God for anything but just genuinely wanting to say thank you for everything. I am not worthy of the blessings and the grace because I am a habitual sinner and I find myself disappointing God more often than pleasing Him.  I am not rich, wealthy nor famous or what society sees as successful but yet I genuinely feel that my cup has overflowed and I am silently happy in spite of the imperfection and the casual pains of life, I still feel a lot grateful for the gift of love, life and wisdom. My only hope in sharing this is that we realize that we have a lot to be thankful for and yet we sometimes may have taken things for granted. There's a whole lot to be thankful for.    

The Witness

  I am one of the many nameless and faceless people who walk this Earth. By no means I can call myself worthy to be God’s servant as I deem many are more qualified to be called than I. But I’d like to proclaim to the world that God is present in our modern day society. I’d like to tell everyone that God loves us all. I will attempt to convey or share my personal experience of God in today's time. I will attempt to share God's message to the people of this new generation. Hopefully this will bring God glory. God exists today. To those who want proof of his existence, you don't need to look far. The world you live in is already a proof that He exists. You yourself are a living proof of His existence. Praise be His name always. Glory be to God.   

Things I want to tell my kids just in case I leave the world early

Here are a few things that I'd like my loved ones to remember just in case I won't be there anymore to tell them this personally. 1> Believe in God.Know and love God above all else. You will meet a lot of people who will tell you that God doesn't exist but I tell you, you don't have to look far to see God.  Just look at yourself and almost everything around you. See the harmony of all the universe.  It can't be a product of randomness.  It can't be a big mistake. 2> Me and your mum's legacy to you is that we were able to migrate to Australia. This is aside from giving you the best possible education that we can afford.  Please don't waste it my engaging in drugs or any useless form of activity that has caused the ruin of many young people in today's world. 3> Education is very important.  You must have this hunger to learn new things.  You must always have this drive to improve yourselves everyday. 4> Respect everyone specially