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Good lessons from an unexpected source...Tiktok :)

  God does work in mysterious ways.  He speaks to us even in Tiktok. And this is what my fave friars will be talking about below.  Enjoy.  

The transformer star transformed: Shia LaBeouf and Bishop Robert Barron

  Shia is one of the most talented actors I've seen grace the movie screen and their was a point in time that he was on the rise and then suddenly people saw his descent to irrelevance. In the movie and entertainment industry where belief in God is frowned upon,  it is a breath of fresh air to know that still people would convert to being a Catholic and be spiritual.  I wish him well in his new role of portraying Padre Pio.  May his transformation inspire others to look beyond what this world can offer and look into God as the center of it all for there is really more than meets the eye. The video here is from Bishop Robert Barron Youtube Channel.  I am sharing his videos in hopes of spreading the word.

If the day comes that I become woke

 Woke culture, cancel've probably cross paths with this terminology now specially in these days of social media.   My body, my choice.  I identify myself as a non-binary.  Whatever floats your boat as long as your happy.  If ever I become one.  The first thing I will do is sue the NBA.  Yes, you heard me right, the National Basketball Association.   Hear me out, if people can decide what sex they can be, then surely it will be easier for me to say what height I have.  Sex is a more complex issue than height, which like age, is really just a number.  So if people can identify to be a man or a woman in spite of the physical sexual organs disagreeing, it surely is easier for people to accept someone defying something like measurements which in my case is height. On normal standards, I am merely 163 cms but I would identify myself as a 180 cm instead and instead of being Asian, I would identify myself as an African and I'd probably shave a bit from my age so that the