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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: A Pathway to Divine Fulfillment

The concept of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, as outlined in the New Testament, is a profound testament to the intricate and transcendent relationship between humanity and the divine. These gifts are not merely symbolic tokens; they are transformative powers that enable individuals to transcend their ordinary limitations and align themselves with a higher purpose. To truly grasp the magnitude of these gifts, one must delve into their biblical foundations and understand their psychological and spiritual implications. In 1 Corinthians 12:7-11, the Apostle Paul provides a detailed enumeration of these gifts: “To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. To one is given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom, and to another the utterance of knowledge according to the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another the ability to distinguish betwee

Kieran The Light's Witchraft Lyrics

The lyrics of this rap song got my attention as I agree strongly with some of his points.  What do you agree with?

Part 1

My eyes are open, I can't get caught in these li'l traps
And I don't need to burn sage, because that's witchcraft
We need to stop being mad at the person
It's not the flesh, it's the spirit, we need discernment
It's scary to have it all figured out and you still don't know what's coming
If I say Jesus is coming, then people think it's funny
But all these kids believe in tooth fairies and mummies
I thought Easter was 'bout Jesus, they replaced Him with a bunny
Distractions give us more faith in Santa Claus than our Savior

How come the letters in Santa also spell Satan?
If scary movies are good, then why do we fear it?
Why do these stores like to call alcohol spirits?

⦑ Chorus 1 ⦒
Help me understand it
The world been looking shady
I just need some answers
I'm seeing men turn into ladies
Everything is backwards
The world has been deceivin' us
With these distractions
How did this happen?

⦑ Verse 2 ⦒
Look at this world that we live in, somebody castin' spells
When we celebrate Mardi Gras, we just mask ourself
Think I'm saying too much, I might get in past myself
Is Christmas really 'bout Christ? Now let's just ask ourself
Okay, God, if they not shook yet, here's the earthquake
Where in the Bible does it say was Jesus' birthday?
Social media caused a lot of my worst days
Can't forget the past if we keep throwing back on Thursdays
Everyone thinkin' it's funny, am I the only one who don't find that amusing?
Everybody be talkin' 'bout purpose but don't even know what they s'pposed to be doing
Don't even know if they believe in Jesus, everyone picking' and choosing
I can see alla their fame and alla their money, but really they losing
But they gon' just say I'm hatin', they think they're winnin'
Lukewarm Christians and their feelings 'cause they're sinning
The Holy Spirit's convictions got them offended
So let me go ahead and end it, 'cause they won't get it

⦑ Chorus 2 ⦒
You can't win every argument tryna twist facts
Manipulation's a forma witchcraft
I had to let goa pride, 'cause I gotta be humble
Because he who exalts himself will be humbled

⦑ Outro ⦒
I'm feelin' this
Hold on, I'm 'bout to go back in, 'cause I got a lot more to say
They're not ready for this
So actually, let me pray on that
Cut it off

Part 2

I believe somebody's pullin' strings, don't start me
They want me to get the vaccine, they can't mark me
They got mad when I told 'em that sage is witchcraft
Removin' bad spirits wit' smoke like that get rid of that

It's crazy, I don't play them games with Satan, nah
Forcin' things to happen ain't natural, that's just playin' God, God
They tryna' run me out the booth
Persecutin' me for tellin' the truth, they never knew, ah
Somebody need to go and give God an apology
'Cause we ignore His prophecies and just worship astrology
I don't care if you Aquarius or Sagittarius
God did not create it, He probably think it's hilarious

And all the Greek mythology nonsense, I ain't havin' it
And anyone who call they self a god to me is blasphemous
We see 11:11 and try to claim somethin'
If it's an angel number, tell me what angel it came from
They can't, to me it look like it's another idol
'Cause if it's an angel number, then how's it not in the Bible?

I'm confused, the world is distractin' us from the rules
Takin' God out of the media, television, and schools
Thinkin' that it's a joke, but I am not too amused
They gon' try to make us choose then kill us if we refuse

Read the clues, it look like the fame is too hard to handle
If you straight and you don't wanna be gay, then you'll get cancelled
I guess I'm cancelled, no offense though
But on His ground I'm ten toes down like I'm a Flintstone
A sex change is like sayin' that God is stupid
If He ain't want you to be what you are, then why'd He do it?
He said our bodies are temples, but we abuse it
Women gettin' shots in they booty like it's from Cupid
Manipulatin' men into thinkin' that it's they true skin
When really it's they new skin they gon' have to redo again
Manipulation is evil, but we don't get that
Mind games will always be a blatant form of witchcraft

And I don't care what nobody sayin', 'cause I'ma stick with that
And I don't care what you believe, 'cause you gon' have to live with that
So I'ma say this one more time, don't start me
'Cause God already told me He's assemblin' an army
I'll try my best not to deliver this so harshly
Wait until I come back and give you the part three
Hallelujah, we praise Your Holy Name
Hallelujah, we praise Your Holy Name
We praise Your Name!

Part 3

This gon' be my last time doin' this

I'm aware it's a lot of people that's mad at me
They disagree and attempt to try and embarrass me
I'm gettin' sick of the Pharisees comin' after me
I say what God tell me, ain't no way that they could cancel me
For sayin' that I feel like social media is dangerous
Everybody sexy, successful or think they gangster
It's all fun and games until the kids do the same thing
And use they cellphone to get everyone on the same wave
And it feels strange leavin' us in a state of distraught
Why do it feel like my phone be knowin' most of my thoughts?
Television since a child, so it's all that I've been taught
And how come when I start to research, I'm tryin' not to get caught?
Yeah, this feels weird, why wouldn't I talk about it?
We all know the truth and we constantly walk around it
When I talked about Christmas, they all had looked at me funny
I just feel a lot of holidays be used to make money
I mean think about it, look, y'all could tell me if I'm a trip
But how is Christ birthday and we the ones gettin' gifts?
And when I talk about the vaccine, everybody be extra
I don't feel like it's the mark, man, I just feel like it's a test run
So we can feel comfortable when we fallin' in line
Don't believe what they tellin' you 'cause they all in disguise
That's why they tellin' us lies, but that's a different conversation
Gotta wait 'til COVID finished, decreasin' population
But anyway, I think they gon' keep callin' me crazy now
Everybody sleep and let's see if you gon' be lazy now
We breakin' out these chains so we can go get on God wave
The world is up in flames, and we just talkin' 'bout LeBron James
Dang, man, why did I say his name, man? I'm sorry
I know this sounds funny, but it's not a game, Atari
I'm sorry, don't know why I keep on playin' around
That's how easily the snake can distract us until we drown
And then attract us to the ground that we had started from
Stop friend-zonin' yo' demons and kill all of 'em
It ain't no sparin' lives in spiritual warfare
'Cause people be playin' dead and come back to get all theirs
Beware, because we gotta pick a side and time is not movin' slow
And we could act like we don't know, but we know
And He know all the things that we been keepin' on the low
'Cause everything that you try to hide, He make it glow
And that's the reason I keep publicly talkin' 'bout what I'm doin'
'Cause if I don't and you find out first, then I'll be ruined, right?
So they hear me say my marriage failin' in my music
In vulnerable moments, I get emotionally abusive
And I give into my lustful desires and keep it secret
But keep this image up to the people when I be preachin'
Creatin' soul ties right after I finish teachin'
When I'm caught red-handed, I just blame it all on the demons
It's hypocritical
I bring my darkness to the light, that's how I keep it biblical
I may be gifted but I'm still in desperate search of miracles
If we know the Word, then our life should be a visual
Before the Jesus interview
Now let's get back in front of the scene
Done callin' this Christian rap 'cause I don't know what it mean
Too many people claim the title and don't even believe
And plus, instead of Christ, they sayin' Chris, I feel deceived
I don't expect all of the quote-un-quote Christians to really get that
I know we gon' see who really live that when He get back
I feel like people gon' hate me now since I'm revealin' things
I hope you keep forgivin' me, now I end the trilogy

(Now I end the trilogy)

Part 4 

Witchcraft, Pt. 4 lyric


Well, alright
Here we go [We don't take no L]


Okay, they got me back in it
I know I said it was over, but let's just act like I didn't
Okay, let's get straight to it, 'cause I'm not with all the waitin'
I'm seein' people believin' in God and vibrations, it's no relation
Today, I'm not bein' quiet
My only vibration is when my phone on silent
And speakin' of phones, I don't really trust them either
A bitten apple on the back like in the garden of Eden and they the snakes
Tell me, how long will it take before we realize
They leadin' us right into the lake, the lake of fire
They only want us to admire
All of the wrong things that our hearts desire, because the heart is
These politicians act like they not see-through
Supportin' everything the Bible tell us is evil
But disguise it like it's something benefiting the people
Only immoral laws are the ones that we choose
Abortion's illegal, they actin' like that's lethal
Makin' babies to kill 'em and then go back and hit redo
Whenever they conceive again, Jesus, we need You
And please do stop trustin' the industry, 'cause they lyin'
That's the reason all your favorite rappers are dyin'
And even if they not yo' favorite, they still dead
All because of what they own lyrics had said
Not even livin' like that, but gettin' killed like that
And that's only 'cause them record labels built like that
Since I said that, they not gon' let me in like that
But I get to keep my soul, so I got the win right back
But I still think it's pathetic if they don't like that I said it
They'll try to make me regret it and call me anti-Semitic
Try to silence me or whatever it takes to dead it
But I guess that's too bad, because the truth is embedded
Now tell me, who's an authority? Who are all the people controllin' me?
Holdin' me from findin' out who I'm supposed to be?
Who trollin' me? Who are the elites that's over me?
Even social media stoppin' people from postin' me
I'm exposin' potions that's castin' the sinister spells
Stop smokin' weed, that's craftin' with witches as well
That one 'bout to make 'em mad, I can already tell
But I'm just keepin' it real to keep you from goin' to hell
This is not an attack, it's a delivery
I am just the messenger, God is the One sendin' me
Please stop talkin' 'bout different forms of energy
And astrology has no idea who you are meant to be
Do you believe in luck? Is it bad, or it's good?
Do you believe in Christ, or do you knock on wood?
Do you trick or treat? You know, 'cause candy delicious
But what does that even mean? The name sounds suspicious
Everything sound malicious, we makin' wild decisions
Just know yo' plate still dirty if Satan washin' the dishes
In other words, how you doin' wrong with right intentions
Celebratin' with the devil sayin' you still a Christian
I am confused, I'm perplexed
Follow the rules, or follow a hex
Attachin' the Spirit every time we have sex
And that's witchcraft too, if I'm really goin' in-depth, but I'm not
I know y'all gon' think that I'm reachin'
Actually, I will, you're sleepin' with demons
You only deceive 'em, makin' 'em feel like you need 'em
And when it's done, there's no connection, you just feel like leavin' 'em
Manipulation, all of that was followin' temptation
Entertainin' divination because we impatient
The cost of sin look like it's goin' through inflation
It's bad, but we feel like we love it, call that a sin-sation
My God has been gracious, the devil been trappin'
Tell me how the news channel got the story before it happened
Why do we question things that sound strange, then we start laughin'?
'Cause I am not laughin', somebody cappin'
I don't know who it is, but I am not gon' stop 'til I have it
I'm talkin' 'bout the information that the government stashin'
I guess that explain the reason why the truth be clashin'
Wit' all the lies that this world and its leaders be flashin'
Social media not here to only help you promote
Social media is here to really help you demote
Your relationship with Christ, we gotta stay in the Book
And if you think about it, Jesus never had FaceBook
He never had Instagram, He never had no Twitter
How come when you deactivate it, everybody be bitter?
Like, "Where you at? Where you goin'? You've been M.I.A."
Exposin' all the demons that's been in my way
I think a lot of people got me misunderstood
I'm not here to condemn, this just my input
They ask me why am I judgin'? The Bible say that I should
As long as I do it righteously, Christ say that I could, I'm good

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