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Good lessons from an unexpected source...Tiktok :)

  God does work in mysterious ways.  He speaks to us even in Tiktok. And this is what my fave friars will be talking about below.  Enjoy.  

The sea and the water containers

A young boy was watching the televsion one day.  He was obviously flabbergasted and a bit disturbed with what he saw, so he decided to look around the house to look for either his mum or dad to ask about what he saw.

While he was on the way to the garage,he saw his mum near dining table reading an electronics enthusiasts magazine. He approached his mother and asked, "Hi Mum, can I ask you something about what I saw in television?".  His Mum, a bit concerned, said, "Yes dear,why not? Tell mum what bothers you."

So he told his mum about the television show and after hearing this his mum smiled.  "Come with me son.", she said.   "Where to mum?", the boy asked.  "We are going to take a walk in the beach. Take a few different containers with you." The boy, a bit disappointed, said, "But mum, you didn't answer any of my questions."  His mum smiled and said, "Well kiddo,we will get to that part but for now do as I ask you to do". Being the obedient son that he was, he was keen to follow what his mum asked of him to do.

The mother and son pair brought with them 7 different water containers with each one varying in shape and size. Upon reaching the beach, the mother asked her son to help her fill them up. Once they filled the seven containers the mum spoke,"Son, start with the smallest container to the largest one and take note of the differences between them."

After the boy finished taking notes and the differences,he answered his mum, "Hi mum,the first water container will have lesser amount of salt water compared to the second one.  I saw one fish in the second water container while the others had none."  So,the went on until he described the seventh container and he then said, "Done mum but I still don't understand how this has anything to do with my question about the show."

"Before I answer your question this morning," she said, "I have one question of my own and answer it as best as you can.My question is, are you able to describe the whole sea using the data gathered from seven containers?"  "Well, I don't think that is possible mum",the boy answered.

"Yes,son,you are right, it is impossible", the mother exclaimed,"Humans have reached the moon but they haven't reached the deepest parts of our ocean."  The boy was growing impatient and asked, "Sorry mum but I still can't make a connection with this and the show this morning."

 "You know son, the most intellectual person on earth now can be likened to the largest container that we brought with us.  He will understand more than the others around him as the largest container can hold more salt water than the rest.  But also like the largest container, that person will have insufficient information to describe accurately the entire sea." "So to answer your question, No,I disagree with the person on the show said", she continued, "No matter how intellectual that person is,his knowledge is still very limited to explain life and the universe as it is, let alone discount the existence of a God who created everything. People nowadays easily dismiss God when God doesn't meet their expectations or becomes an inconvenience to their chosen lifestyle. What is worse are all those who rely on anecdotal fallacies to support their claim."

"And lastly son, always remember this ", she continued, "you can ask any engineer this for verification, Your smartphone or your tablet is a very complex device and is a product of very smart design and engineering and not by putting resistors and capacitors in a pot and stirring them all together and wait for chaos or randomness to happen. And us humans are way more complex than these electronic gadgets. Never think that we are a here by chance or mistake. Our lives mean so much more than that."

"Thanks for clearing that up mum", said the boy.

The end.

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